Thursday, April 7, 2011

And They Called Her "Zsa Zsa"

My sweet dear little Princess. She is growing to be quite the little lady, attitude and all. Princess' fashion sense is one (among many others) characteristic of hers that I absolutely adore.

She is quite the budding fashionista. Princess' ideas of what is pretty and what is cool are defiantly unique and she owns them well. (Loves Taylor Swift, Loathes Justin Beiber) Give her anything green, sparkly, or "rock star" and she's pretty much good to go. But there are the still few occasions where I get to dress her like my little girl and she loves it.

I've been making her Halloween costumes since she was born. She loves the special attention she gets and I love to dress my baby girl.

This is the first "fancy" dress I made - she wanted to be (what else) a princess. This dress was made for Halloween when she was 3 years old - I couldn't was too lazy to find a pic from that night so this is more recently when she wore it at school for a vocabulary parade. Thank goodness I made the thing HUGE when she was little and has had many uses out of it.

Vocabulary Word Parade: Elegant - Pretty.
The princess looked elegant.

Then there are the WEDDINGS - this lovely little lady makes one gorgeous flower girl! But oh my are those dresses expensive!

My solution has been to make her dresses. This way the bride can get custom look for her wedding and I don't have to go broke buying a dress she'll only wear for one day. (Although, her dresses have found their way into the dress-up bin. )

M & M Wedding - August 2008

J & R Wedding - May 2009

This year Miss Princess is getting a brand new Easter dress. This is just a little something to whet the appetite. Can't wait till it's finished!

Let you know total cost when I am done. ;)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Iv'e Got the Urge!

The Urge to Serge!

There has been sickness amuck in our household. This, along with the end of Girl Scout cookies sales and I have been one busy mom. Posting has been one of the last things on my mind. Obviously.

I would have a post full of witty musings about my new serger but my mind is still full of snot and haze from the medications.

The Tool found a singer serger on the Craig's List for $50.  A great find indeed. I haven't used one before. I am, however, very excited to learn. The little old lady that we bought it from (named Iola) sent a book along with it. So thrilled to start!