Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome to The Stash Ride-RATED G

Although the title is a bit scandalous, have no fears, this is a safe and fun place to read about our adventure in making a house a home with little to no cash! 

Let me start with introductions.

I'm your Queen Wifey - I stay at home to take care of the house, children, pets, husband, and just about most things. I am married to The Tool.

The Tool is a wonderful, hard working, dedicated dad, husband and all around great guy!

Then we have our hellions:
Princess - 5yr old.
Monkey - 3yr old.
Bubba - 15mo old. 

They are pretty much our reason for living. We work hard so they can have what they need, and (occassionally) what they want.

Living with us is also our cat Trinity and pup LeRoy! 

Now what exactly is The Stash Ride all about?

Let me tell you!

The "Stash" is what we have around us to work with and make our home operate. There is a great supply of resources at our fingertips, we just have to find new purposes for using what we have. The Stash Ride is all about using what we have wisely. Kinda a green way to live and make a home. Our family has started to think this way after we became a one income family (not of our own choosing, mind you).  We have come to realize that we can make it work with what we have.

Together, The Tool and I have a pretty comprehensive skill set.

I cover most traditional domestic skills - such as sewing, gardening, cooking, ect.
The Tool has more of a manly roll - home repairs, car maintenance, woodworking, ect.

There is a lot that together we can accomplish.

So there you have it.

We'll be sharing our thoughts, projects, money saving ideas, and basically how we make our house a home with little to no cash!

So hold on, sit back, and enjoy The Stash Ride!

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