Thursday, March 10, 2011

You Capture - B&W Emotions

I've been stalking observing the photo challenges over at "i should be folding laundry" for a while now. More recently I've chosen to throw down the gauntlet and join in the fun. This week the test is to capture emotion, and to make it more interesting, in black and white.

I can't say that I'm any good at taking photos - I'm a point and click kinda gal, more so now with the digital ability to see what I've got right away.  I turned on my cameras black and white option and was amazed at how instantly my family photos turned into pretty amazing shots.  I've learned that sometimes color can distract from the "feeling" of the photo.  Here is a small bit of the many B&W photos I got of my kiddos playing in the fresh snow yesterday. I think I captured some great emotions.


This is the first time I took Bubba out in the snow. He was full of wonder and awe.


My poor Monkey just wanted to run and play. "Enough of these pictures, Mom!"


Oh, Princess, you are quite the diva. She loves to have her picture taken.

Finally my three-fer! I was able to capture (starting with princess and going counter-clockwise)


Princess - always smiling.
Monkey - confused as usual.
Bubba - just wants to get up!

It was pretty neat to turn off the color and to just shoot photos. I may have to use this function more often. Even The Tool thought the photos captured were more artful than the normal point and click that normally comes from trying to get all three hellions in a picture. I may have to continue with the challenges.



  1. I love black and white or just brings a sense of unity to the photos, and like you said...less distractions.

    Cute kids!

  2. Oh boy- that last one really says it all :)

  3. Great photos! They all look so content outside in the snow! And the three of them together is just so precious!

  4. Last one is my favorite! :) cute!

  5.'s a toss up between the last two for me. Gorgeous.

  6. Love, love, love the joy shot. So sweet!

  7. great capture's -
    black and whites look so classic!!
    THanks for your kind words today

  8. Love these!! And you're so right - black and white does help keep the focus on the emotion.